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The Gabriola Co-op Network provides social, educational and support services to members and to the community for the purpose of meeting the economic, social and cultural needs of Gabriolans and enhancing sustainable community development while being respectful of the natural ecological limits on this small island.

In British Columbia Co-operatives are governed by the B.C. Co-operative Associations Act and founded on a set of values and principles, articulated through the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) in the Statement of Co-operative Identity. The ICA unites, represents, and serves some 800 million members and their co-ops around the world.

Co-operatives generally provide quality employment and they tend to be more resilient over the long-term than other enterprises as meeting needs, not maximizing profit, is their priority.

Co-ops Foster Co-operation

Not only from within, they co-operate with other co-ops. In doing so, the co-operative movement tends to foster social cohesion and build social capital both of which support peaceful co-existence and democratic institutions. In a co-operative, the reality of mutual self-help, collective ownership, self-governance and a focus on information and education, often means members build new skills and gain solid experience that lead to empowerment and innovation.


Finally, in co-operatives there are no “others” – no outside shareholders¬† – who benefit. A member/owner can be both landlord and tenant, employer and employee, seller and buyer, or service provider and client.

Diligence in living the values and principles of co-operation in every aspect of decision-making is a recipe for long term success in a Co-op.

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